Ordering you granite is very simple. 

Follow the steps we provide below and your kitchen will be finished on time with no headaches.



1.Getting a quote.







Getting a quote:

Working together with our clients begins with:

The customer contacts us to arrange a meeting, and talk about details. We will come out to your home. We will show you samples of colors, edges, sinks, and answer any questions you may have. We will advise you what options you have and what would be the best option for your needs. We will field measure your countertops in order to provide you with an estimate. If you are not decided what color to decide upon, we can visit together a  showroom and bring samples of your cabinet colors, tiles, and all interior pieces and will be helpful in choosing the color for your home. Call us; it will not cost you anything. If our service and price pleases you, we will proceed forward to further action and being working together.



To place an order of any kind with our company, we require for the following steps to be finished in your home:
-Cabinets need to be installed
-All the appliances located in the kitchen need to be on site or you should know their dimensions
-If you decide to purchase your own sink, it needs to be on site when we come out so we may take it back to our shop for use as an exact template for the sink cutout
-You can use our services in the removal of old countertops, but make sure the cooktop and sink are detached. We do not specialize in electricity or plumbing.
-Once you decide to proceed forward and being working with us, and all details have been decided, (i.e. edge, colors, needed seams that will be discussed and determined with the client, and all other details) we will sign a contract and we require a 50% deposit based on the estimate price
-From signing the contract, we will need around 3 – 4 days to complete your project. This time can be longer if the stone selected is located at another warehouse and needs to be delivered or if other details and specifications of your project require for longer time in completing your project.



The last and final step is the installation. Before we finish the job we require the final payment. We can then proceed with the installation. We will also drill the faucet holes and attach the sink to the granite. At the end we will seal your countertops with sealer. The installers will inform you how to care about your countertops.