Other names: Emerald Green Granite,Verde Bahia, Verde Ubatuba Gold
Place of Origin: Brazil
Type of Stone: Granite
Absorption: 0.10-0.20%
Similar stones:

Remarks about Ubatuba:
The pedestal of the world-famous Cristo Statue in Rio de Janeiro was made out of this material. Since then, the original quarry vanished, but many other green charnockites are called Ubatuba.


Advantages of  Granite Stone

  • Granite is on of the most beautiful and durable of stones.
  • Each granite panel is uniquely beautiful.
  • Granite can withstand extreme heat.
  • Granite provides a rich, natural, high end appeal to any property.



  • Health care facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Government buildings
  • Spas and saunas
  • Exterior building cladding
  • Interior wall panels
  • Counter tops and bars
  • Granite curtain wall
  • Elevator panels
  • Water walls and fountains


Caveat: Color and photo accuracy is not guaranteed. Since granite is a product of nature, I promise you will never find material that looks exactly like this photo. It could be a lot more different! Always be sure to select your particular slabs in person when purchasing granite for your remodel.

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